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 3 June 2010

VHM Honda RS125 A-kit connecting rod kit

We have developed a superiour VHM connecting rod for the Honda RS125 crankshafts. The VHM connecting rod is 7 grams lighter then the standard RS125 connecting rod, reducing the reciprocating weight.

The connecting rods are made of the best material which is CNC machined to remove all surface imperfections. The rods are then machined to final size and has then been shot- peened and polished to achieve the ultimate in strength and durability.

The connecting rod kit fits the OEM Honda RS125 crankshaft, the VHM crankshafts AK20015T, AK20017T, AK20018, AK20107A-B and AK20109.

The connecting rod kit consist of a billet VHM connecting rod, 24x54.9 big end pin, needle bearing and side washers.

CRK07      VHM A-kit connecting rod kit Honda RS125     371,07 euro ex VAT

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