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 16 february 2010

VHM high performance crankshaft for Honda RS125

We have developed 3 new model crankshafts for the Honda RS125.

The difference of the various models is the inertia of the crankshaft. With the 3 type's of inertia, you can change the characteristics of the motorcycle for each track.

All VHM crankshaft has began a heat treatment and has been CNC grinded to precise dimensions. The advantage of the heat treatment is that the crankshaft in totally will be a lot stiffer, because the resistance against bending of the crankshaft is much bigger. This results in a much longer performance and the crankshaft can also be overhauled many times.

The crankshafts has connecting rods that are made of billet material and has been shot peened for superior strength under heavy loads. (VHM connecting rod kit partnumber CRK07)

AK20109   Honda RS125 crankshaft Low inertia             1585,00 euro ex VAT
AK20107A Honda RS125 crankshaft Middle inertia         1585,00 euro ex VAT
AK20107B Honda RS125 crankshaft High inertia            1665,00 euro ex VAT
CRK07      VHM A-kit connecting rod kit Honda RS125     259,74 euro ex VAT

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