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Various products of VHM
Various products

Ignition cover KTM SX85 '13->, Husqvarna TC85 '14->

VHM ignition cover made from one piece billet material, stronger than the stock ignition cover. The cover is precision machined, hard anodized for a high wear resistance surface.

Exhaust flange

Use the VHM exhaust flange and exhaust leaking is history. The exhaust pipe with O-ring seals fits perfect on the VHM exhaust flange. The VHM exhaust flange is made of high grade aluminum and has a another design with springholder. The original bracket for the spring is not necessary.

Short intake & reed valve insert

Using the short intake and reed valve insert will improve the engine response. The intake plate is made of high grade aluminum and includes a O-ring seal. No liquid gaskets and cleaning is necessary. The plate is extra strong due to the reinforcement ribs.

The reed valve insert has a better shape and another volume for better engine performances. The OEM rubber intake fits perfectly on the aluminum plate (rubber intake not included).

The intake is available in a short and extra short version and is suitable for the TM KZ10 karting engines.

Caster camber pills

With VHM caster camber pills the adjustment possibilities of the camber and caster are increased by the 16 holes. On the caster camber pill a trust edge has been introduced for very easy adjustment with the hand without any special tool. The VHM caster camber pills are made of aluminum or stainless steel and suitable for CRG, Zanardi, Maddox and Maranello karts.

Clutch axle

The standard clutch axle is made from one piece of steel. With a engine running at higher operating , the standard clutch axle expand less than the rest of the engine, which gives more play on the clutch lever. This will result in a bad working clutch.

The VHM clutch axle is made from hardened steel and the middle of the axle is made from aluminum. The VHM clutch axle will expand and shrink exactly the same as the rest of the engine. Whether the engine is hot or cold, the clutch lever will always work perfectly.

Handlebar stabilizer

The VHM handlebar stabilizer provides more stability and makes sure that the handlebar is always fixed on the clamp.

Power tube

After installing the power tube on the throttle body, it improves bottom power at part throttle openings, a better and smooth throttle response without re-mapping the ECU.

The power tube is manufactured from solid aluminum, its lightweight with a high quality finish.

Power valve adjuister

When using another exhaust pipe, it will influence the opening of the power valve. With the VHM power valve adjuster with 2 stage spring (partnumber DA31153), you are able to adjust the opening timing of the power valve easily with the screw. The first stage of the spring allows the power valve open very easily for a better and direct response. The second part of the spring keeps the power valve full open for a maximum exhaust flow. The VHM power valve adjuster is made from high quality aluminum machined from solid.

The VHM power valve adjuster (Part number DA31153) can be used with the VHM cylinder head and VHM power valve base as well as the OEM cylinder head and power valve base.

Note: VHM doesn't distribute in the Netherlands and USA.

Power valve base

The VHM power valve base is made from high quality aluminum machined from solid. The power valve base is designed with a stronger center base which provides a better support and guidance of the power valve. The power valve will always function during all circumstances.

The VHM power valve base fits the VHM cylinder head (part number AA33112) as well as the OEM cylinder head.

Power valve cover

The standard power valve covers are made from synthetic material and deforms when the engine gets hot. Dirt and mud can enter the power valve mechanism which will cause engine problems.

The VHM power valve covers are made from high quality aluminum. The cover seals perfect during all circumstances and no dirt or mud can enter the power valve mechanism.


Reed valve

The reed valve house is made of high quality aluminum with the best flow. With the combination of special carbon reeds and stoppers, more torque and power in the lower and upper rpm range are gained compared to the standard reed valve. The improved results on the Dyno and on the track confirms the performance of the VHM reed valve.

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